Address: 3625 Menchaca Road, Suite 202, Austin, TX 78704

  1. From 290/Ben White, exit Menchaca Road.
  2. Head North on Menchaca Road.
  3. After you pass Valley View Road (there is no stop sign or stop light at Valley View), you will see an apartment complex called “The Grove.”
  4. Our office is located on the right side of the road immediately after “The Grove.” We are in Rivertree Condominiums in the office suites. The building is labeled with large black block numbers at ground level which say “3625.” (If you get to Larchmont Drive, you have gone too far.)
  5. Turn in to Rivertree Condominiums.
  6. We are in the building closest to Menchaca, and by the front parking lot, there is a green sign which says, “Suite 202, Rivertree Therapy Services is located up this staircase.” Go up this staircase, and the entrance to the waiting room is located on the third floor.